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Mercredi 5 mars 2008

British real estate consultant names Bulgaria world’s strongest property market

 LES CONSULTANTS IMMO. ANGLAIS considerent le marche BULGARE comme le plus fort!

bulfralogo1.gifBULFRA C’EST UNE AGENCE FRANCAISE BASEE A SOFIA +des representants dans le pays.

14:17 Fri 01 Feb 2008 - Alex Bivol

Bulgaria was the world’s strongest property market in 2007 with an estimated turnover of 11.36 billion euro, an increase of 2.36 billion euro over the previous year, British property investment company Obelisk said on February 1.

The previous lack of modern apartments, retail, and administrative buildings, as well as growing investment in tourism, production, and the need for modern infrastructure caused the construction boom.

Construction sector growth is expected to be between 12% and 16% year on year until 2010, Obelisk said in a statement.

The huge property price rise has been largely attributed to a good mortgage market, high annual revenue of properties and the weak impact of the global credit crunch on Bulgaria, since there is virtually no cross-border banking in the country.

Britons accounted for 40% of all Bulgaria property investment in 2007, followed closely by Russians with 38%, and « played a primary role in maintaining excellent market conditions (…) and adding to the robust appeal for Bulgaria property investment, » Obelisk said.

Bulgaria’s decision to slash taxes to a flat 10% starting from this year makes the country a very tax efficient place to relocate or invest in, according to Obelisk, while budget airlines’ plans to increase the frequency of their flights would make traveling to and inside the country easier.

« Despite such rapid price growth, Bulgarian property investment remains very competitive and highly profitable in comparison with other European markets, giving the country a long-term profitable investment edge, » the British firm said.



tel: 359 2 858 18 60

Vous trouverez certainement ces quelques lignes volontairement publiees en Anglais tres edifiantes.

Les FRANCAIS et BELGES sont de plus en plus informes et nombreux a s’interesser a la Bulgarie.

Silver Sofia: il reste a vendre dans le projet le plus ambitieux de Sofia

Mardi 4 mars 2008


 Merci a l’Expansion qui parle de nous, BulFra, dans la publication de Mars 2008 en page 126.

Excellent article de  Marion L’Hour.


POUR INVESTISSEUR en Anglais, momentanemment:BULFRA n’offre pas ce projet au meme prix que les autres!

Nous avons achete nous meme a ce prix! Restent d’excellentes opportunites,profitez en maintenant.

Comptez 1500 Euros/m2 pour un appartement totalement fini dans la residence la plus jet set de Sofia:

Carrelage: italien ABK, sanitaires:Vitra, parquet massif,facades ventilees PRODEMA,

construit par Balkanstroy: nous vous assurons la revente en Decembre a 2200 Euros/m2.

Comme Nick Faldo qui a achete deux appartements et la chanteuse Lili Ivanova qui nous ont fait confiance.

NOUS SOMMES 40% moins chers que n’importe quelle autre agence en Bulgarie!

Reservation: 3000 Euros

Paiement: 30% a signature du contrat,40% en Avril, le reste a livraison(acte16).

Vous pouvez revendre avec profit avant meme d’avoir tout paye: a moindre profit…

SILVER  is situated in the greater centre of Sofia, on the southern side of one of the most prestigious living quarters – Lozenetz, just opposite the South Park.The development is in close proximity to the US Embassy, the “Lozenetz” Hospital (also known as the government hospital), the Kempinski Hotel, several business centres, the SofiaLand amusement park and the Zoo. Silver City garden terraces offer magnificent views to Vitosha mountain. The great German traveller Otto von Rundshtet has written “The Vitosha for Sofia is as the Vesuvius for Naples.”Beautiful and green in summer and snow covered in winter with skiing facilities and slopes just 15 min drive from Silver City. North from Silver , across the road, is the South Park, a favourite place of Sofia residents for leisure. The National Hall of Culture (convention centre) is in the same direction, just 5-7min drive.The area has no industrial production. Centrally located and yet a lot of nature around – that’s Silver !


Private garden -The whole internal yard of 3000 sq.m. is a private garden, with beautiful landscaping of greenery, flowers, rocks, alleys and patios and benches. Children can freely play around while the parents are reading papers, books or just chatting over a drink in the coffee bar.
Barbeque – One barbeque corner will be available for residents use in the garden, roofed, with tables and chairs next to the grill, for your party or family gatherings, or just to associate with neighbours.
Swimming pool – Indoor heated pool, situated in Block 6, with plenty of sun-beds to lie around or, in summertime, when the pool is open to the garden, to enjoy the sun outside on the green grass and be served a drink from the pool-bar.
Fitness centre – ituated next to the swimming pool with modern equipment to exercise, stretch, walk, pedal, weight-lift and sweat on your own, or under the guidance of a qualified instructor. The fitness centre will feature male/female changing areas with lockers, sauna, steam bath, jaccuzzi area, two massage parlours and showers/WC areas.
Coffee Shop/Snack bar - Just above the fitness centre, on the second floor of block 6, with comfortable furniture to relax in, to enjoy a drink over a chat with your neighbours or guests, or to have your coffee while reading today’s paper, a book from the library corner, or to watch sports on a large screen TV, cold beer in hand. The coffee shop will have a view to the swimming pool area over the glass roof. This will be the place to socialize with your neighbours, meet guests or business partners and will become “the communal living room”.
Family Party Room -Birthday parties or anniversaries sometimes collect 20-30 guests. Book with Silver  manager the special room within the coffee shop area. The family party room will be provided with a fully equipped kitchen and can be configured for up to 30 seated guests, or for larger cocktail parties, with all the dining-ware and cutlery available. The manager will introduce you to a choice of catering companies, or arrange the catering on your behalf. Needless to say, the family party room will have audio-video equipment for your guests’ entertainment. A DJ can also be arranged.
Mini Golf – Yes, that’s right! Make your way to the roof of Block 6, above the coffee shop, and you will find the mini golf area with a beautiful view to the Vitosha mountain. Equipment will be available, as well as a changing area and some tables for drinks ordered from the coffee shop. Just enjoy a chat and have a drink with your friend, moving from hole to hole, after a hard day’s work or during weekends.
Chess Ground – Situated in the garden with each side several meters long and big pawns – to play at leisure with a friend-resident or guest. Residents will watch from their terraces and give you hints and advices.
Beauty Saloon – The beauty saloon on the ground floor of Block 6 will be accessible from both outside and inside the compound. It will feature gentlemen and ladies areas, offering an array of beauty services in combination with the swimming pool/fitness centre facilities.
Children Care Facility – This is the facility where parents living in Silver  will be able to leave their children for the evening under qualified supervisor care while they go out to theatre, dinner or party. Children will enjoy different games, watch movies and eat the food their parents prepared or ordered from the coffee shop. The children care rooms are situated on the ground floor of Sec.5, next to the security entrance and are designed to bar any access outside the compound. The private garden will be at the children disposal, weather permitting.
Medical Centre – Silver  will feature a GP doctor’s office in the compound, accessible from outside as well. The qualified doctor and nurse will service owners and tenants with priority. Bulgarian owners with NHIF health insurances will enjoy all the benefits of their insurance, while foreigners will have to pay for treatment or consultations.
Parking – All apartments are for sale with one garage each. All garages are in the two levels underground, accessible from ramps with digital card operated barriers. Garages are lifting door-equipped and can be used as storage areas as well. Additionally there are garages for sale as second garage and free areas will be provided for guest vehicles. Security cameras will be fitted for entrance/exit controls, as well as fire alarm system.
Reception – Silver is a gated development and has only one entrance for visitors on foot – in Sec.6. While owners and tenants will have their keys to the front doors of their respective buildings, visitors will be met by the reception duty manager and after notifying the hosts, they will be allowed in the compound. A cosy waiting area will be at visitors’ disposal if they have to wait for their hosts.
Mini Market – The 24h Mini Market will be on the outside of the compound and will have all the basic foodstuffs and drugstore goods for your easy purchasing.


Security- Silver  is a gated living compound and will have 24-hour manned professional security with visual equipment control. The security office will be situated next to the reception area. Cameras in the underground areas, all facilities and floors will provide for the security of all residents and their property. The security staff will react first to any potential hazards, intruders, trouble-makers and will look after the normal, convenient and quiet life of all in the compound.
Cleaning- of the common areas – staircases, lifts, parking areas
Gardening – will also be provided within the maintenance fee.
Administration – The administration will manage all utility billings, repair and maintenance crew and will help owners to organize any services they need.
Reception – will be responsible for guests/visitors welcoming, postal handling, including free delivery of morning papers to apartment doors of subscribed residents.
Maintenance – of all common installations – lifts, entrance doors, heating/air-conditioning plants, swimming pool, gym and fitness area, parking areas, security and fire alarm systems, etc.

Video-On-Demand (VoD) service will be available through the CABLE TV operator whereby residents can call and receive on their TV the film they have selected to view at any time. The cable TV will be subscription based, whereas the VoD is a pay-per-view service.
Internet will be available throughout the compound and will be subscription based.
Apartment Cleaning and Laundry will be provided to those who rent out their properties or to residents willing to use this service.
Private Gardening for the plants on your terrace and inside the property can be ordered through the manager in your absence.
Drive-Me-Home service- Well, it happens sometimes that you do not want to risk driving home from a party or restaurant. Call the duty manager and he will come with a Silver  car and driver to collect your car and drive you safely home. Next morning your car will be in your garage waiting for you. A fee will be charged for this service on per km basis.
Medical Consulations will be available with priority to Silver  residents. The GP office on the outside of the compound will also take care of patients at home if a medication or treatment application needs a qualified nurse.
Children Care will be available on a per hour basis fee in the special in-house facility. Qualified personnel will take care of your child should you wish to go out in the evening.
Secretarial Services will be provided in the administration area – copy service, fax, messaging, typing, letter, parcel deliveries, etc. Internet will be available there for residents without a home computer.
Residents Service Desk – The residents service desk will arrange flight reservations, restaurant, sports and theatre bookings, catering provision, dry cleaning and laundry.
Airport Pick-UPS AND TRANSPORTATION by Silver car will be provided for residents travelling abroad for a nominal fee.
Late Night Food and Drinks Delivery can be ordered with reception and the night manager will bring the requested items to your doorstep. A small fee will be charged over the shop bill for this.

Silver will be built using modern technologies and high quality materials with no compromise in finishing quality.
- Construction type: monolithic
- Structure: reinforced concrete frame
- Structural height between floors: 2.95m
- Clearance height in apartments: 2.65m min
- Roofs: flat, hydro-insulated
- Facade walls: ventilated thermo-facade, frost-moisture- and UV-resistant, combination of composite aluminium panels “bond” type+ wood effect composite material, thermo-insulation with mineral felt
- Side/Inner walls: thermo-insulating tiles, textile mesh, finishing structural paint
- Stairs and landings: fully finished, tiled

Finishing Works
- Walls: Bricks/composite ceramic blocks; inner walls 10/25cm, plastered/drywall finish with white latex paint; outer walls 25cm, thermo-insulated; edges protected by built-in metal strips;
- Ceilings: Living areas – plastered, white latex painted; sanitary areas, entry areas, wet areas – false ceiling 9mm plasterboard, hydrophobic; kitchen areas – false ceiling according architectural design;
- Floors: All floors are noise protection elevated execution. Living areas – massive wood, high class ware-resistant; entry areas, kitchen, bathrooms/WC, laundry areas – tiled; terraces – tiled in non-green areas; common areas (stairs, landings, lobby) – granite tiles;
- Windows: Multi-chamber aluminium frames with thermal bridge, sealed glass pack, aluminium/chestnut effect colour; built-in louvers, chestnut colour; outer sill – aluminium, inner sill wood, design detail;
- Doors: Front doors – secure, 4-way locking, dark wood effect; interior doors – MDF-wood door and jambs, dark/light wood effect; lobby and landings doors – aluminium, smoke-blocking;
- Bathrooms/WC:fully finished: Floors terracotta tiled, walls matching tiles; toilettes/bidet installed, tub/shower cabin installed, taps, fittings installed; cupboard with mirror and sink installed; lights in place;
- Terraces: fully finished: Hydro and thermo-insulating system; frost-resistant tiles in non-green areas; Green area – special XPS thermo-insulation, root-resistant hydro-insulation, felt, geo-textile; soil layer for intensive plant growing; balustrade railings according design detail;
- Electrical: Electricity switches, plugs, sockets and lamps installed in apartments and garden-terrace; switches and lights installed in common areas and garden.


- Lifts: OTIS original French made; EU standards compliant; safety features, incl. “get down &door open” in case of incident or power cut; engine in basement;
- Heating/Air-conditioning: Central heating and air-conditioning, individually metered, controlled and billed. The heating system is based on natural gas, which is the cheapest energy source. Air-conditioning allows for each room climate control.
-Water/Sewage system: All piping PVC/PE tubes, noise insulated; uninterruptible water supply through emergency hydro-system; central hot water system, individually metered and billed.
- Communications: Cable TV with video-on-demand possibilities in each room; ISDN internet in apartments; telephone outlets in rooms;
- Security system: Manned 24 hour security; video cameras; video-phone gate unlocking system for letting visitors in each block.
- Fire-alarm system: Press-button system in landing area, connected with security; automatic fire-detection and alarm system in underground garage areas.
- Garages: Located underground in levels -2 and -1; size 18+ sq.m., each garage with up-sliding door, remote operation optional; metal net/brick walls between garages; ventilated area; accessible through ramps and security card barriers; lifts to/from apartments.

Copletion date  DATES DE LIVRAISON- December 2008.

3000 euro – reservation fee
30% of property price – first installment – at the time of signing the preliminary contract;
40% of property price – second installment – 3 months later;
30% of property price – last installment – at transferring the ownership of the property.

Maintenance fee – 8 EUR per square metre yearly ( Vat is not included).


Tel: 359 858 18 60


Bien acheter en Bulgarie: BulFra plus ancienne agence francophone de Sofia

Mardi 4 mars 2008

Chers lecteurs,

Nous vous invitons a vous procurer l’Expansion numero 728 de Mars 2008.

Vous pourrez y lire quelques lignes edifiantes sur Bulfra et son manager.Voir comment les prix de l’immobilier evoluent a Londres, Sofia ou Istamboul.

Vous pouvez nous telephoner tous les jours gratuitement si vous avez un contrat

par exemple et nous serons heureux de vous orienter et vous renseigner quand au meilleur type d’achat a faire en Bulgarie et a Sofia principalement.

Une seule adresse pour faire un investissement en Bulgarie: BulFra

59, rue Solun

Mini complexe Bulgaria

Sofia. 1680

Tel: 359 2 858 18 60


Nous vous repondrons en Francais et pourrons vous aider a organiser votre sejour en Bulgarie que vous soyez attires par la ville, la mer ou la montagne.

A Sofia on skie en Hiver…

Pour l’avion voyez SKY EUROPE: billets par Vienne a 70 Euros par exemple.

Voir lien suivant:

N’hesitez pas a nous contacter. Nous sommes la plus ancienne agence immobiliere francophone en Bulgarie.