2009 annee de la Bulgarie en Russie

2009 – Year of Bulgaria in Russia

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Author: Olga Yoncheva

Days of the Bulgarian culture, presentations of the economic opportunities and tourist products of the Bulgarian regions, exhibitions of Bulgarian goods and services are part of the initiatives, which the Center of the Bulgarian industry in Moscow will organize next year.

2009 is the year of Bulgaria in Russia and therefore there will be many events as it became clear during the presentation of the center, which is part of the business schedule of the 64th International technical fair held in Plovdiv. 3202 companies from 45 countries take part in the fair, informs journey.bg.

The development of the economic relations between the two countries on a regional level and the stimulating of the Bulgarian companies to do business in Russia are among the priorities of the Center of the Bulgarian industry in Moscow. The center will mark its 25th anniversary since its establishment.

The representative offices of 76 Bulgarian companies most of the big ones with rich experience on the Russian market are situated in the center. More than 2500 employees work there.

Merci Olga pour cet article: nous le reproduisons telle quel dans ce blog pour vous informer.

Team Bulfra


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