pourquoi il est excellent d’acheter au »Relais des chasseurs » par Bulfra


Bulfra est en direct a Bansko

Nos prix sont bons et les appartements seront livres tout a fait finis.

Voyez l’article suivant concernant Bansko:

 This winter season Bulgaria’s top ski resort Bansko expects more than 800,000 guests, informed Standart news, citing sources from the resort’s municipality.

pourquoi il est excellent d'acheter auHotels and apartments for rent can accommodate 15,000 people. After the constructional works on hotels in Bansko ends, the resort will offer lodgings to 30,000 people.

The investments are estimated to more than 1 billion EUR. 10 new 4-star hotels will be open soon.

We guarantee there will be no problems of water or electricity-supply character, said from the resort’s municipality.

220x146 dans Economie relative a la BulgarieThe funds given for infrastructure improvements in 2008 are on the amount of 25 million BGN (12,5 million EUR).  In spite of the construction boom, the interest to Bansko is still growing.

Square meter land on the municipality territory costs 200 EUR and the price of residential buildings reached 1,200 EUR per sq m.

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