Logistique en Bulgarie: Varna et Sofia

C’est maintenant l’heure de penser a investir dans des terrains propices a la construction de stocks et centres logistiques.

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New logistics centre to be built near Varna

19:30 Mon 11 Aug 2008 - Svetlana Guineva

The construction of a new logistics centre has begun near Slunchevo village, in Aksakovo municipality near Varna, Stroitelstvo Gradut weekly has reported.

The facility will be within a strategic proximity to Hemus Highway and Varna airport, and will have both industrial and storage functions, occupying a land plot of 6500 sq m.

Investor is Izgrev Ltd, a company specialising in the building of industrial and storage complex, while the design is done by architect Kalina Pavlova. The centre will be built by the Varna-based company Sgradostroene Ltd and Strimona Ltd from Petrich.

In July, the first construction stage began with the building of Izgrev I, an industrial-depository base, which will consist of six halls, occupying a total of 4100 sq m. The project also envisions the construction of a luxurious office building and a docking lot for load handling purposes.

According to the design, the warehouse section will be constructed with the help of separate identical metal units, joined together to form two buildings.

The buildings will be easily accessible from vehicles and pedestrians alike, and the docking lot will accommodate up to 32 cars and lorries.

Future clients are given the possibility to either purchase or rent the facilities, which sizes vary from 400 to 3300 sq m. The selling price runs between 490 and 550 euro a sq m.

Izgrev I base is scheduled to be completed by December 2008, while the rest of the facilities will be gradually built up in the upcoming couple of years, the weekly reported.


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Les projets sont en cours d’execution: ring road et autoroute Liulin….

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