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Dimanche 5 octobre 2008

Voici des exemples d’investissements en Bulgarie,pas des moindres:


The German company Ixetic, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and vacuum pumps as well as air-conditioning compressors for the automobile industry, received a class A investment certificate for their new plant Ixetic Plovdiv in Rakovski Industrial Zone. The factory, which first sod was turned on 6 March this year, is expected to be operational by the year end. Within a 3-year period, around EUR 19 million will be invested in Ixetic Plovdiv which will provide some 250 jobs.

Ixetic chose Rakovski Industrial Zone for its investment for a number of advantages, among them:

  • proximity to Plovdiv city and to Trakia highway on which Sofia capital city can be reached within an hour;
  • possibility for fast project implementation;
  • potential and traditions of Bulgaria in the field of machine building, precision mechanics and metalworking and respectively an opportunity to find long-term partners and suppliers.

Ixetic is a supplier to OEMs, such as BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, MAN, etc. Moreover, Ixetic is one of the two companies in the world that has developed and patented a technology for production of compressors for air conditioning for the automotive industry, using cooling agent different from R134a. A technology of this kind will be obligatory in the EU as of 2011.

* * *

Greek company Septoma, producer of cosmetic tampons and sanitary materials, plans to finish the construction of new plant near Rousse. The project is estimated at BGN 4 million and is situated near Danube Bridge. At present 50 people are involved in the production and after opening the new plant their number will be increased by 50%.

* * *

Textile enterprise Dekotex in Sliven, owned by Capa Technology, is going to build a gaited residential development with stores, entertainment complex, restaurant, cafes, parking lots. The investments are estimated at EUR 18 million. The complex is situated on 77,600 sq. m. The project is part of company’s plans of develop in real estates business.

* * *

Danish company Vestas Windsystems, leader in production of wind turbines, plans to invest in Rousse, the municipality announced. The company has over 15,000 employees in the world and has installed wind systems in more than 60 countries. For production facilities it seeks space of 100,000-150,000 sq. m on the bank of the Danube. Details of the investment plan still have to be discussed between the parties.

* * *

Four real estate projects of Alladin Harfan from Syria will be carried out in Sofia, Pleven, Blagoevgrad and Kardjali by the end of 2012. The greatest investment is Mall Pleven which amounts to BGN 80 million.

Another BGN 2 million is going to be invested in the renovation of the 16-storeyed Agroplasment building. With BGN 60 million Alladin Harfan plans to build a mall on three floors in Kardjali on 44 000 sq. m. In Sofia the projects include business and office centres close to Slivnitza metro station for BGN 26 million.

* * *
* * *
* * *

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2009 annee de la Bulgarie en Russie

Samedi 4 octobre 2008

2009 – Year of Bulgaria in Russia

Updated on: 03.10.2008, 11:47

Published on: 03.10.2008, 11:35




Author: Olga Yoncheva

Days of the Bulgarian culture, presentations of the economic opportunities and tourist products of the Bulgarian regions, exhibitions of Bulgarian goods and services are part of the initiatives, which the Center of the Bulgarian industry in Moscow will organize next year.

2009 is the year of Bulgaria in Russia and therefore there will be many events as it became clear during the presentation of the center, which is part of the business schedule of the 64th International technical fair held in Plovdiv. 3202 companies from 45 countries take part in the fair, informs

The development of the economic relations between the two countries on a regional level and the stimulating of the Bulgarian companies to do business in Russia are among the priorities of the Center of the Bulgarian industry in Moscow. The center will mark its 25th anniversary since its establishment.

The representative offices of 76 Bulgarian companies most of the big ones with rich experience on the Russian market are situated in the center. More than 2500 employees work there.

Merci Olga pour cet article: nous le reproduisons telle quel dans ce blog pour vous informer.

Team Bulfra


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La crise immobiliere n’aura pas d’impact sur les banques en Bulgarie

Samedi 4 octobre 2008

The Financial Crisis Will Not Affect Banks in Southeastern Europe

Updated on: 03.10.2008, 17:14

Published on: 03.10.2008, 16:55




Author: Stefan Nikolov

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The results of the financial crisis in the USA will be restricted and will not have a direct effect on bank systems in Southeastern Europe.This was the position of central bankers from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Cyprus, Albania, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina after their third meeting in Sofia.

There are no investment banks in the region, only commercial ones, the manager of Bulgarian National Bank Ivan Iskrov pointed out.

According to him in this part of Europe there are no banks, holding securities in their portfolio of the type, which created problems in the USA. The crisis, however, may have an indirect effect, in the form of price increase of loan interests – an average of 1.5% in the region, Iskrov added.


Nous vivons ici en permanence.

Les banques ne seront pas affectees par cette crise americaine.

Mefiez vous cependant des immeubles type panel en Bulgarie.

Certains experts pensent que leur prix augmentera encore.

Nous, Bulfra vous recommandons des produits surs.

Le luxe est tres accessible en Bulgarie: profitez en si vous lepouvez.

Ca ne durera pas aussi longtemps que les contributions.

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pourquoi il est excellent d’acheter au »Relais des chasseurs » par Bulfra

Samedi 4 octobre 2008


Bulfra est en direct a Bansko

Nos prix sont bons et les appartements seront livres tout a fait finis.

Voyez l’article suivant concernant Bansko:

 This winter season Bulgaria’s top ski resort Bansko expects more than 800,000 guests, informed Standart news, citing sources from the resort’s municipality.

pourquoi il est excellent d'acheter auHotels and apartments for rent can accommodate 15,000 people. After the constructional works on hotels in Bansko ends, the resort will offer lodgings to 30,000 people.

The investments are estimated to more than 1 billion EUR. 10 new 4-star hotels will be open soon.

We guarantee there will be no problems of water or electricity-supply character, said from the resort’s municipality.

220x146 dans Economie relative a la BulgarieThe funds given for infrastructure improvements in 2008 are on the amount of 25 million BGN (12,5 million EUR).  In spite of the construction boom, the interest to Bansko is still growing.

Square meter land on the municipality territory costs 200 EUR and the price of residential buildings reached 1,200 EUR per sq m.

UN EXCELLENT SITE: entrepreneurs Francais expatries comme Bulfra

Jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Site :entrepreneurs Francais dans le monde

Presence francaises et entreprises Francaises a travers le monde.

Un site ou vous trouverez

Les expatries et leur role dans le monde est souvent meconnu des Francais: les expatries Francais creent des entreprises et des emplois.
Ils reussissent leur integration dans leur pays d’acceuil.

Nous avons cree Bulfra en vue d’aider nos compatriotes qui desirent acheter ou investir en Bulgarie.
Bulfra est a la base le resultat de l’union d’un couple Franco-Bulgare.


J’ai trouve le site presente ci dessus en cherchant des confreres expatries,

J’ai trouve bon de publier ce lien et vous le recommande vivement.





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